Promise and Waiting



When waiting, it means we have an expectation, and we anticipate a wonderful end, but this end was based on a promise we received.


The promise we receive is both a seed and a harvest. When we first get a promise, it is actually in seed form, and then we must wait a while before we can see that seed turn into a harvest, hence the reason for the waiting process. 


Our waiting is based on an expectation of the seed turning into a harvest.


A mother expects a baby after she gets the news that she is pregnant, and she then gets excited. She eats carefully, she thinks about the color of the baby’s room, and though her tummy is still flat, she now has a hope and expectation for the end result. When a woman gets engaged, her ring is the seed that the harvest of marriage is coming, and she starts with great anticipation to prepare the way in advance for the happy ever after with the right guy. When a man is granted his first business loan, it is the seed he will one day reap a harvest of owning a multi-million dollar corporation. So you see, everything we are waiting on began with a seed.


In life, sometimes we lose track of the promise, and when we do, our waiting process becomes hard, long, laborious, and frustrating. We blame God for the delay, and we even become rebellious towards God and the people we do life with.


The bible tells us that there is seed time and there is harvest time, and this suggests that between the seed and the harvest, there is a thing called “TIME”.


Maybe you are in this place where you are losing faith, growing weary, and frustrated and you feel like running ahead of God, but I want to encourage you to hold on, go back to the promise God gave you in seed form and envision the harvest.


What does it look like? What were your desires, dreams, and vision when God gave you the seed?


Take a few moments today meditating on the seed God gave you and see hope rise again. God is good in His promises, and He will never fail you even though it may be taking longer than you expected.


Many people give up halfway; they turn their backs on their dreams and vision because they became hopeless.


Hope helps us carry on when life gets rough; to hope means to have a joyful, confident expectation of good and the only way we can maintain hope is by holding on to the promises of God.


The main reason people take their lives is because they were convinced all hope was gone and the enemy loves to keep people hopeless.


Our God is a God of hope, so please go back to your promise and be revived again!


Hope is called the anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19) because it gives stability to the Christian life. But hope is not simple a ‘wish’ (I wish that such-and-such would take place); rather, it is that which latches onto the certainty of the promises of the future that God has made.     – R. C. Sproul