Why 2018 Was Not My Year



Many times have I called to God, ranting about the things I never wanted to go through. 2018 went as though it was a year that was specially made to let me see the bigger picture of my life and its purpose.


2018 was not my year. It was full of undesirable things and events I never want to encounter again. It was full of pain and hurting. It was full of tears and regrets.


It was the year when I was sent into a completely strange place where God was the only One I knew. I felt like I was sent somewhere I was not supposed to be. God made me do things I was really not good at, and thankfully, He graciously led me back to where I was supposed to be.


2018 was made up of moments where I tried to run from the reality of answering to different responsibilities and opportunities. I was full of fears and doubts then. It was not my year because I became too afraid to stand up and courageously speak my heart out.


It was the year that made me realize how temporary our earthly relationships can be. I saw how emotionally draining it is to let your heart get broken too many times, well, not basically my heart, but I saw other people’s pain as well, and it did not feel good looking at other people’s eyes only to see how they can barely hide the agony that was trying to peek from the inside.


2018 was not my year because it gave me a lot of lessons I had to learn the hard way, and by that, it cost me great pain and hurt before I came to the clarity of the path I am supposed to take.


There are many stories I do not have all the time to tell about. As much as I want to look back on all the highs and lows, God has been telling me, as I bid my farewell to the year, to raise my head up and look at the upcoming year with an expectant heart.


2018 was not my year because it was God’s year.


It was His year of drawing me closer to His presence to let me experience the assurance of an abundant life lived with Him.


It was His year of lavishing me with the clarity of His direction for my life, and I could not be any more grateful knowing that He has made everything work together for my good. I have received the confidence of saying YES to His call and taking courageous steps of faith towards the great future He has specially made for me.


It was His year of revealing how vast His graciousness can be. The endless testing of faith and hope led me to the comfort of knowing that no matter how many times I fail and commit mistakes when it comes to my decisions in life, He has already placed a lifeline ahead of me which leads back to another opportunity of abiding in His word and promises.


2018 was God’s another year of proving His faithfulness in my life, and it showed how wonderful His grace for everyone is. I could not be any more grateful for all the new friendships I made, new memories to look back to, and new established convictions that shall keep me together as I present my self to another year of battling in victory with God.


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