The Heart To Worship



How often do we worship God? Now I want you to recall the last time you worshiped at the top of your lungs, crying, and begging God to let you experience Him.


More often than not, we only see ourselves worshiping along with the loud band and flickering spotlights. I can never blame you for looking forward to an excellent worship experience with complete technical setups and sound system.


But is this really the worship God desires to receive from us?


I am forever grateful for the opportunity that God has graciously blessed me with to lead people into worship every week. We would rehearse for at least two hours to carefully plan on how the praise and worship would flow for 20 minutes in the techscript.


And I entered a season in my life when I started questioning my self, AM I WORSHIPING GOD THE SAME AS WHEN I AM UP ON STAGE AND WHEN I AM ON MY SEAT IN THE CONGREGATION AND WHEN I AM ALONE?


We often misunderstand that worship only happens every Sunday. But the truth is, God desires us to worship even in the simplest things that we do.


There are a lot of ways we can worship God; in the morning when we thank Him with a grateful heart for waking us up to another day; in the evening when we look back on how favored our day had been; on our way to work or school when we listen to worship songs with our earphones on; when we look at the vast skies to realise how worthy the Creator of all of it is for our praise.


Our ability to worship is not limited to three-minute songs. What do you love doing? Because you can bring worship to God by painting the wonders of nature He has created. You can worship by writing about His goodness and faithfulness for other people to be inspired. You can vlog about how great life is when lived with God. You can bring worship to God when you serve your family and friends.


The truth is God is not after thousands of voices singing for Him altogether, but He is after every individual’s heart that cries out of the desire to experience and honor and glorify Him.


You cannot sing? It does not matter to God.


Worship Him with all that you are; with all that you have; because that is all He is after — your heart; not your voice; not the full band; not the heart-felt lyrics. He is after the unheard cry of your heart together with all the prayers you cannot put into words.


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