Obedience Over Sacrifice

Many times have I asked God, “Why am I here?”, in places I never imagined my self to be. I would often question if He has mistakenly led me there, and maybe He got confused of all the people He has been leading to different places.

Many times have I looked up, holding the tears of regret and resentment, because I was completely uncomfortable in where I am.

We have all experienced moments in our lives as if we were accidentally placed somewhere we know we do not deserve to be.

But the truth is that we do not deserve anything, in the first place.

Having been redeemed from eternal death, receiving unconditional grace and unending love, and even in being provided for everyday — we do not deserve anything at all; yet He makes us experience His goodness and grace in every moment of our lives, despite our disobedience and rebellion.

Another thing I have learned these past months when I have not had the time to write, is that we are never accidentally led to wherever we are.

No matter what your passion is, or where you have always wanted to be, or how carefully you have already planned your future, if God has called you to go to somewhere He is planning to bless you (or even use you to bless people), it is always and will always be the best thing for you, and even for the people around you.

It may not be completely comfortable at first, but know that God desires you to leave your comfort zone and increase your faith by stepping into the unknown — places you did not expect to go to, people whom you are not familiar with, things you have not done before, and you will see how great God’s grace is to sustain you and bless you with resources you did not imagine to have.

God knows you have such a great potential in you, because He was the One who planted it there.

You will never know to what extent your self can go if you will not answer God’s call for you to go.

We sometimes question His ways and plans and forget that our obedience is always greater than our sacrifices. [Psalm 40:6]

Sold-out obedience to God is a display of our faith in Him that no matter what the outcome may be, knowing that He was the One who said GO, things will work together for our good.

God delights in our obedience, and He is much honoured and pleased when He sees us completely trusting in His plans for us more than our own plans for our selves.

Our total dependence and reliance on His ability more than on ours is a display of the intimacy and level of our relationship with and faith in Him.

So GO even if you are afraid.

GO even if you are in doubt.

GO even if it seems too hard for you.

GO even if the result is still unseen and incomprehensible.

GO even if you do not want to.

GO because He says so.


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