The Art of Letting Go

It doesn’t always have to mean giving up loving you. It doesn’t mean that I’m tired.

Maybe it was basically because I have realized what the right decision is.

My love, you were everything that I ever wanted. Everything seemed almost perfect. As if every star has come down right before me and shone the way I was never afraid to take because you were with me.

My love, it seemed like we were the best thing that happened to me. Our love was incomparable. It was an answered prayer.

The way you smile. The way you called my name. The way you laugh. It was all like a dream. Everything about you was all that I needed to fill every void and gap in my heart.

But something just seemed so wrong.

I got lost in our own little fairytale that I almost forgot who I was, and what I deserve.

My love, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry if this has to end.

As much as I really wanted to stay and hold on to every hope, promise and dream that we had, I just can’t. I just can’t stand holding on to something that was never really mine.

You were never really mine.

I know this seems a bit too late for we have already invested a lot of things to each other. We have already made a lot of memories. You hold a lot of things that were so hard for me to let go; even my heart.

I’m sorry if this will cause us pain. But I know that one day we’ll both understand.
I hope that when that time comes, we’ll both be grateful. I hope you’ll get to see things far beyond what I can offer you now. I hope you’ll get to have someone who can love you better than I could ever do.

My love, all I ever wanted was for you to be set free. I want to see you love your life confidently. I want you to be free to love anyone without hesitating.

I don’t want to hinder you from freely loving someone else.

My love, as hard as it was, I am letting you go.

It is not easy. It will never be easy. It will always be painful.

But please trust me because it is all worth it.


If He doesn’t, He is still good

..and let that be your greatest worship to Him

If God doesn’t, He’s still good.

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If He never heals you, He is still good.

If He never gives the desires of your heart, He is still good.

If He never speaks, He is still good.

If He never meets you on your terms, He is still good.

If He never brings you to your promised land, He is still good.

If He never makes you understand, He is still good.

If He never ends your waiting, He is still good.

If He never presents you the gift of having someone to be with, He is still good.

If He never carries you to the overflowing harvest, He is still good. not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. (Hebrews 10:35)

Sweetheart, if He doesn’t — will you still follow Him?

Will your confidence remain in Him?

Will you still…

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